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Using FogBugz for Task management


We're deploying FB, and we really like it so far. We like it to the point that we'd want to use it to manage tasks as well as Bugs/Features/Inquiries.

Basically, no extra field would be required - just another category called "task" with its own icon.

Since this feature does not exist out of the box in FB, I'd like to know:

1. What do FB users think of this? (using FB to manage tasks)

2. If the majority likes the idea, would FogCreek be willing to consider adding it to a future release?



Pascal Bourque
Friday, April 25, 2003

What's an example of a task that's not a bug or feature?

Do you mean things like "empty the trash bins?"

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I would think like:  Task: Be Sure to test this software for this feature.

or Task:  Make sure that widget foo is implemented for this project

Arthur Strutzenberg
Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Yup, that's the kind of stuff that would fit in the general "task" description. Other examples are:

- "Schedule a meeting with the art designer"
- "Discuss the name of the Foo method, it does not seem appropriate"
- "Remove hard-coded numbers in Foo() and declare them in consts"


In short, any day-to-day tasks that a dev team must remember. We currently use an Exchange Public Folder to manage those tasks, but it would be neat to be able to use only 1 software to manage all the dev-related tasks (tasks, bugs, features).

This would allow me to click on "My Tasks" and view all the stuff I need to do across all projects, regardless of the nature of the thing I have to do.

Pascal Bourque
Thursday, May 1, 2003

I like this idea. I am testing using FB as a task manager for my department. Right now I'm just entering new cases for each task and fudging the Area and Priority settings for a project to meet my needs.

It is sorta working ok, but having a Task item that can be used to filter cases would be great!

Chester Campbell
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

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