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How do I get Perfbrowse.cgi?

I'm trying to integrate FogBUGZ with my Perforce SCM, but I'm not understanding how to perform the second step in FogCreek's instructions on SCM integration.

I see the text file on Perforce's site (Perfbrowse)...I'm not at all familiar with Perl, but I'm assuming that text file is written in Perl.  Do I need to "compile" that Perl file with a Perl compiler?  If so, do I need a Perl library installed on my FogBUGZ server or does Perl create standalone binaries?

Does anyone have a Win32 perfbrowse.cgi they would like to send me (yes, I'm lazy...sorry)


Todd Brooks
Friday, April 25, 2003

You don't need to compile it, but you do need to get PERL installed on your machine.  You can get it from and there are also instructions on how to get the perl executable to execute your .cgi files.

Michael H. Pryor
Monday, April 28, 2003

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