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I'm seeing a lot of assignment back and forth just to add comments or clarify a question re: an open case when really, it would be terrific if you could click on a user listed in the case history (already displayed) and have it [at least] reference, if not include a copy of the case so that they would know what you are talking about and you could simply ask "Why was this assigned to me?"

... I guess as I'm writing this, the frequency I would NEED to use a this seem somewhat rare, yet you already have the email functionality in place -- it would be really great if you could incorporate a case reference when an email is generated via a user hyperlink within the case.

Carter Terry
Monday, April 21, 2003

If I understand the feature you're requesting correctly, you want a way to send private email to someone that includes the text of a bug report?

I would fear that such a feature might cause people to have side conversations about bugs, which are lost to posterity, thus defeating one of the primary benefits of a bug tracking system: keeping a history of the discussion and decisions that went into a bug fix.

That's one of the reasons that email bug notifications deliberately make it hard for you to just hit 'reply' and get into a personal offline conversation about the bug. We try to steer you into keeping the conversations in FogBUGZ where they will benefit everyone.

Joel Spolsky
Monday, April 21, 2003

Joel, If I understand this correctly and Carter is having the same issue as we are then this might be closer to it:

1. A bug is entered by Bob and assigned to Jim
2. Jim reads the bug and needs to ask Bob a question about the bug.

-- Now at this point the only way for Jim to get bob notified of his question is to edit the bug assign it back to Bob and then write his question into the comment (Which is good for keeping history like you say).

The issue with this is that if you assign a bug back to Bob to ask a question and then get snowed under with other work you might forget about the bug and it might be completely forgotten about (especially if Bob is busy as well)

This is especially a problem if it is a bug that you can still get started on while waiting for the confirmation of your question, and therefore you would want the bug still assigned to you.

An answer could be instead of a "Private" message to Bob, maybe it is a "Public" message that gets added to the string of comments for the bug.

One line summary of feature:
*"Add a comment and notify the selected user even if he isn't subscribed to the bug"*

Now I hope I explained myself properly. But then again this feature probably goes against the FogBugz concept of the person who has to do a task in relation to a bug (even if it is only answering a question) should have that bug assigned to them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Hmm... one thing you might consider is creating a new global "fix for" release called "ASAP" or "RIGHT NOW!" and train people to use that when they need a quick response. This is really a sociology thing rather than a software thing.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, April 29, 2003

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