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Customer handling

I'm not sure how to handle the costumer communication with FogBUGZ. We have approx. 1.000 customers sending bugs and features by email or calling our support hotline.
It's no problem to get the call to FogBUGZ, but now I have several problems:

1. We often have the case that we have to ask the customer for further information. I don't see an easy way to send an email directly from FogBUGZ to the customer, (when I create the call by myself) because there is no field to store a customer name and email adress.

2. When I am waiting for a customer info, it would be a good idea, if I can assign the call to a user "customer" without email adress. Ok, I can create this user, but I will need a license for this virtual user.

3. All calls assigned to a customer are not interesting for the support at the moment, therefore it would be great, if I can define a filter to exclude this user "customer".

Maybe I don't understand the workflow of FogBUGZ, or my personal workflow is wrong. But this is the way we are using our current BugTracking tool.

I would really like to switch to FogBUGZ, because it has some other interesting features.

Can you help me ?

Thomas Dittmar
Tuesday, April 15, 2003

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