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cross-platform development

a quick text search in IE revealed that there were no threads with 'cross' in it, so I thought this might be an interesting subject...

we currently work on two dev environments, the Mac and the PC.  All functionality should be identical across both platforms, but there are two separate code bases (they have different dev environments, for one, and entirely different ways for handling UI).  We're working on making these projects merge, as the Software Engineering Gods intended, by having all non-UI code actually refer to the same files, but that's a massive headache because of the different ways libraries are handled, etc.

So my question/request is this:  Is there a way in FogBugz to start a child bug, as in, I've resolved this bug on the PC, but now it needs to be checked on the Mac?  or should I enter two separate bugs, but with two different platforms as the goals?  that seems somewhat redundant, since they are the same bug and, in many (but not all) cases refer to the same files of code.

Mark Roden
Monday, March 17, 2003

This is what the "computer" field is supposed to be for, although you will have to establish a clear convention and make sure everyone follows it. For example, enter MAC or PC or MAC AND PC in the Computer field.

Only drawback is that you can't search or filter on this field, but it's probably good enough for capturing the data.

On cross-platform teams I've worked on, we had a convention: if the bug occurs on both platforms, enter it the usual way; if it was Mac only (or PC only) prepend "MAC:" to the title/subject.

Joel Spolsky
Monday, March 17, 2003

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