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Feature request: sort by bug/Feature/Inquiry


  Nowadays in FB it is possible to sort by Priority (clicking on column headings), Assigned To, etc. but it is NOT possible to sort by Bug/Feature/Inquiry.

  I think this is a easy feature to do, right? :)


Alexandre B. Corrêa
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

You can sort by Category in the Filter prior to display, but if you mean having a link on the Grid view as you're viewing the bugs, then you're right.

karan mavai
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Yes, I need sorting in the grid view.

Alexandre B. Corrêa
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

You'll need to make a simple change to the code.  I haven't fully tested this so I can't vouch that it won't break something else, but it's pretty straight forward so I don't think it will:
(My assumption is you are running 3.1.0 which is what I have)
Go to list.asp line 348 (under the ShowDetails Sub)

You'll see something like:
<th class="biglist" style="width: 16px">&nbsp;</th>

You'll need to change that to:
                    <th class="biglist" style="width: 16px">
                        <% If Request("search") >= "1" Then %>
                        <% Else %>
                            <a href="default.asp?pg=pgList&amp;pre=preSaveFilterChangeSort&amp;sortID=12"
                        <% End If %>

Additionally, you will need to add to constants to your lang.asp file (at the end before the closing script tag is fine):
    Const FB_CAT = "Cat"
    Const FB_SORT_CAT_TITLE = "Sort by category"

I'm not sure if this will post OK so email me if it doesn't post correctly.  You will also need to guard against this being overwritten in future versions by using some sort of source control.  Eventually it FCS may write it in so you'll need to document it to remove it.

Good luck.

karan mavai
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

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