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Sharing a case with others

Is there a simple way to generate some sort of email to several people to ask them to look at a particular case? Either have the contents of the case in the email, or have a URL in the email to the case.

In a similiar theme, how do I generate a question to someone who is working on a case to ask how the case is doing...

Mike Pun
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The quickest way to share a case with others through a url is to enter http://servername/?bugnumber .
You can replace servername with the IIS server that FogBugz is installed on and bugnumber with the actual bugnumber.  This should work if default.asp is enabled as a default document in IIS.

For your second question, I usually add comments or questions by editing a bug.  As long as the person that it is assigned to has email notifications turned on, your edit will trigger another message and include the comments you have placed right in the email.


karan mavai
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

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