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Replying with Multple Mailboxes

Hi...  I have a feature request / bug report, depending upon your point of view.  Steps to reproduce:

We have multiple mailboxes defined.  (One for each project.)  A new inquiry is received via the mailbox for Project A.  I go to the new Project A case and hit Reply.  I type in my response and hit Send. 

In my test scenario, the response was sent from our Project B mailbox rather than our Project A mailbox.  I expected the response to come from the Project A mailbox.

After going back and looking at the Reply form, I see that there is a From: dropdown that lists all of the mailboxes defined in Fogbugz so I can clearly control this behavior manually.  (Two versions of each mailbox, in fact...  which is a nice touch.) 

The flexibility to send from different mailboxes here is nice, but the overwhelming majority of the time (like 99% for us) we will want to Reply from the same address which the user originally sent email to.

Is there any way to make FogBugz default the From: dropdown to mailbox that matches the original inquiry?  Am I missing something obvious that would enable this behavior?  If not, is there any workaround. 

We're running version 3.0.15 (DB 327).  Thanks in advance for any help!

Joe Madia
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I have it setup in a similar way with a mailbox per project and got caught with that too.  Working with email, you expect it to work like email would work which means you don't tend to bother with the address the original email went to.  You just reply.

I'm sure you could default it to the address of the last email received, but it is something that would benefit everybody in my opinion.

Wade Winningham
Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I third that suggestion.  We'll be having relatively non-technical users responding to customer inquiries that are received on multiple mailboxes.  The chances of them remembering to set the correct sender each time they reply are slim to none.

Henry Goldwire
Wednesday, March 5, 2003

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