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Recommendation (or point of view) Request

Hi All,

I’ve been researching FogBUGZ during the last week, as we are considering buying it.
And - I’m well aware of all of its benefits and of the FogBUGZ philosophy regarding “Why FogBUGZ works”…

But before making any final decisions:
Can anyone give me an experience based recommendation (or point of view) for FogBUGZ, especially if you who have central bug-management team in your company?

I’m mostly concerned about:
1. How are you handling the fact that the person who should manage the bug tracking is not notified about the reported bugs in the system, unless he opens them?
Do you think it is possible to have a central bug-management using FogBUGZ?

2. How are you handling the lack of permissions to users? Isn’t that causing a mess?

3. Aren’t you missing the option to easily generate bug reports or at least – customize the filter views?

4. How are you handling the fact that I is not possible to add customized fields to case input forms?

5. Isn’t the fact that a bug can be assigned only to one person causes any difficulties?

FogBUGZ team:
Your view about these issues is very welcome as well... :-)



Karin Barad
Monday, January 27, 2003

We don't have a central bug-management team.  We have one tester, four developers, and one tester/customer support/sales person (owner of the company), so it's a small shop.

1. We have the policy that only the tester can close a bug.  When a developer notices a bug, they open it and assign it to the responsible party.  Once it's resolved, it goes back to the developer, who does a quick check and assigns it to the tester for testing and closing.

2. We don't notice a problem with permissions.  If a developer wants to steal a bug from another developer, our convention is to assign it away with the text "Stealing this bug...".  Sometimes people kibitz on other people's bugs.  Usually it's productive.

3. The filters have been good enough for us.  About the only thing I've wanted to know was what my bug count was on a given day and whether it's up or down.  For that I hit "My Cases" and scroll to the bottom.
  The lack of reports seemed the most annoying thing, but I don't really know what I would do with those reports.  I guess it might be nice to have a daily e-mail with "Cases opened today" and "Cases closed today".

4. Not a problem for us.

5. No.  Two of the developers permanently pair program, and the other two sometimes pair and sometimes work alone.  We have only one account for the pair and that works well.  Sometimes I care about the progress of a particular bug, so I check on it; but generally I only care about my bugs.

Sam Mikes
Monday, February 3, 2003

1. We don't have a central bug-management team either.
However, it should be possible to send a (b)cc to the BugManager(s). (Very small change in the code)

2. No problem here. I agree with Sam

3. I've build custom reports (with MS-Access) that can be printed directly from the FB's list/grid pages. (The managers love me for that ;-) )

I'm not sure what you mean by 'missing the option to customize the filter view'.

4. Not _really_ a problem for us. I did however added a 'Severity' (crash/serious/annoying/cosmetic) field.  (Took some more coding than the print function though)

5. No, each case is assigned to the 'owner' of that project. He then re-assigns it to someone else if needed.

I believe that 1 and only person should be the owner of a case at a time.

Hope this helps,


Thursday, February 6, 2003

Ad 5. I just read what David Thompson had to say about this in the post below this one (PivotTable analysis).
He said it better than I did.  ;-)

Thursday, February 6, 2003

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