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Project organization?

I'm evaluating FogBUGZ for my group. I'm a bit confused about what a FogBUGZ project is.

Here is my terminology:

- A Product consists of one or more Components
- A Component can be a part of more than one Product
- A Component is never released stand-alone, it is always released as a part of a Product
- A Component's version is independent of the Product version
- A developer/manager can work on multiple Products and/or Components

A simplistic analogy is: a particular car model is a Product, and the transmission, engine, etc. that go into that car are Components. The same transmission can go into a car or a van, etc.

Now, what is a FogBUGZ project: is it a Product or a Component?

- If a project is a Product and the Components are areas in the project, it is easy to track the Product development. But then Components need to be duplicated in multiple projects. It becomes difficult to track the Component development.

- If a project is a Component and sub-components (if any) are areas in the project, it is easy to track the Component development. But at any point of time, it is not easy to track the Product status/development.

Any suggestions/ideas appreciated. Thanks.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

I don't think FogBUGZ' projects map very simply onto your Projects and Components. A FogBUGZ project is just something to be kept track of, that has different aspects. However, the aspects themselves do not have sub-aspects, as would be required to use a project to track a Product.

David Thompson
Thursday, January 23, 2003

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