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Is there a way to define a filter to show all cases sorted by the time of the last *modification*?  For example, this would allow a project manager to quickly see recent movement of cases and would allow an individual to quickly see the cases that have been most recently assigned to them.  (As I understand it, sorting by "newest cases" sorts in order of Case Number and not Modification date?)

Thanks -- this forum is excellent!

Assad E.K. Ebrahim
Tuesday, January 7, 2003

I was just thinking about this feature today, and added it (the note to add the feature, not the feature itself) to our database.  Not sure if it will make it in the next minor release though..

Michael H. Pryor
Tuesday, January 7, 2003

I was about to add the same request to be able to review all recent changes in cases.

andrew Watkin
Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I agree that this would be useful!

Monday, December 1, 2003

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