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Reports again

In an earlier post, I had suggested two feature changes: online reporting and a bug/feature distinction.  I think the first one got lost in the discussion of the bug/feature thing.

Here is what I said:

The FogBugz philosophy is that if you want tabular reports, you get them by running Access on the fogbugz SQL database.

This may be fine for most people, but about half of our team (including me, the Admin) can't get any reports because we're not located in the home office and we can't get to the SQL server (due to network proxy settings). This means that the only way I can get a report is to ask someone in the home office to create one and mail it to me--not particularly convenient!

In e-mail, Michael has described a way that remote users can get certain reports, but these have to be "canned" as far as we can see.  There does not appear to me to be any way to get ad hoc reports.

We would really like to see a report feature built into the product.  It seems to us to be not all that difficult: you just use the existing filters, add a simple UI to specify the desired columns, and generate a table.

Chris Dunford
Friday, October 26, 2001

Definitely planned for a future release.

Tell us what kind of reports you find most useful, so we can ship some pre-designed reports.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, October 26, 2001

I don't know that you need canned reports any more than you need canned list filters.  Just start with a My Bugz report and then allow the user to save report specs.  (A report spec is just a filter with column selections.)

For default columns, I might start with bug number (clickable to open the bug),  title, open/closed, feature/bug (!), opened by, assigned to, fix-for version, status,  and estimated time remaining.

For extra added coolness maybe one column woud be a small graphic that shows the latest comment (or the first n chars of big comments) as alternate text.

I suppose that some people will want clickable column headers for re-sorting. :-)  I don't particularly care about that personally, though.

It would be nice to have a totals line showing number of items displayed and totals for the time column(s) if displayed.

If you really want some canned reports, I would try to get a little survey of the filters people use most commonly.  The ones I tend to use most are:

- open items by date opened
- open items by assigned-to
- open items by priority within fix-for.

One report that I can't get now but will in the next version is all items that are resolved but not closed, by assigned-to.

Also, since as you know bugs should be worked on before features, you might considering filtering the canned reports to "bugs only."

Chris Dunford
Tuesday, October 30, 2001

What happened to the idea of allowing the user to select columns for reports/filters?  Do I have to write .asp code?

Madeleine Pukinskis
Friday, October 24, 2003

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