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Displaying Project field in reports

The Problem:

When I sort a FogBugZ report (originally grouped by project) by, say, "Assigned to", it is no longer possible to see which project each case belongs to. The project name was in the heading for each table but this is (correctly) replaced by the "Assinged to" person.

The Grid view still displays a useless "Assigned to" column, even though this information is now in the heading for each table.

Possible Solution:

Could the grid be changed to replace the column used for grouping with the field that was previously used for grouping. I.e. the grouped field would never be displayed in the grid.

This would also allow me to click on the "Project" heading and change to report back to being grouped by project - which can currently only be done by re-running the original filter.

Andrew Watkin
Wednesday, December 18, 2002

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