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Editing FogBUGZ Source Code

What is your stance on people changing FogBUGZ source code to meet their needs?

For example:

- rewording some of the gray tips (shown for beginners) so the they use the fields they way you want them to
- change the wording in the priority table in the database ("1 - Must fix" to "1 - Critical")
- or something more substancial...

They changes can always be undone by reinstalling FogBUGZ...

And, I would expect it fair if you refuse to support sites that modify the code...

Anyhow, what's your stance on this?

Monday, October 22, 2001

From our Tech Support FAQ:

Do you provide source code for FogBUGZ so that we can make our own customizations?

Yes!  FogBUGZ source code is available when you purchase the product.  FogBUGZ is written using Microsoft’s ASP technology.

You can modify it as you please, although this may make it hard to preserve your modifications if you upgrade to our next version. If you make a modification that is just a bug fix, you can email us the bug fix and we'll incorporate it into future versions, which alleviates this pain a bit.

Michael Pryor
Monday, October 22, 2001

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