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AVI files in CityDesk

I've only used CityDesk for 5 minutes and I didn't RTFM.  I was trying to create an album page for some AVI files.  I dragged them into CityDesk and it placed them under Articles.  So far so good.  I double clicked on an AVI file just to see what CityDesk would do.  It changed the cursor to wait, and I proceeded to wait for more than a minute not knowing what it was doing.  Finally it brought up windows media player and played the clip.  Now, is there a quicker way to preview/view AVIs in CityDesk?  BTW, the file is 6,550KB and double clicking on it in File Explorer brings up windows media player in under a second.
P.S.  I just tried a JPEG and CityDesk opened it in a picture editor just fine.

Chien Tung
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Most likely the slowness is because it has to pull it back out of the database... It shouldn't be that slow though... I'll look into speeding it up for the next version.

I think if you click on it again, after its been done the first time, it should work a lot faster...

Michael Pryor
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Aaah. Big files go in the database as BLOBs, right? I hadn't thought through the implications of that one.

Nothing stopping us from just putting them in a folder somewhere on the web server, of course, which leads us to the concept of pseudofolders which simply map to a destination path and let people use CityDesk's inbuilt link targetting mechanism even though the files aren't part of the site...

Garth Kidd
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

The problem is worse than what I had described.  It took almost 5 minutes to pull up the AVI in Media Player.  Subsequent attempts didn't decrease the time.  I looked at the memory usage of CityDesk in task manager, CityDesk was in a tight loop allocating 4k at a time.  I think that explains the slowness.  Reading 4k out of database and writing it out to a temp file will take some time for a 6.5 mb file.  Also, you may want to pay attention to memory usage.  While loading the AVI, CityDesk used as much as 52MB of memory.  After playing and closing the AVI, memory usage didn't return to previous level.  I repeated this test and was able to get memory usage up to 28MB.  This is far more than the initial state of 9MB.  If CityDesk is caching information then subsequent invocation should be faster but my minimal test didn't concur.  FYI, my system is a PIII-850 with 384MB RAM running windows 2000 (sp2 + preSP3).

Chien Tung
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Yep, we don't handle big files too well right now.

The short term workaround is that usually large files are a once and done deal, and if thats your case, then just upload them to your server and leave them out of citydesk... This will also greatly increase your publishing time...

Michael Pryor
Wednesday, December 12, 2001

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