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FTP Upload

Hi ...

That is a nice piece of software.

I have jkust downloaded it, and installed it.
And runs fine.

I did try to upload my little website made in CityDesk, and because the FTP access to the directory was read-only, i could not put documents in it.

And the error message is not very explainatory. For me was, i am working with networks, and i found very easy why that message.

But this tool is aimed for people with little knowledge about computers, so a more precise and simple error message would be better.

This is just the input for now...

More later


Frederico Costa
Monday, October 15, 2001

cool... i'll look into this. I think the problem is that every FTP server provides a different kind of error message and we would have to parse & interpret a lot of them. But there's probably something we can do.

Do you happen to know what kind of FTP server it is running? (Windows NT or Unix or Linux?)

Joel Spolsky
Monday, October 15, 2001


I think the FTP server should respond with a message that consists of a standard numeric result code and then a text message that might vary.

e.g. If I try to create a file in a read-only directory ProFTPD says: "550 filename: Permission denied"  and Microsoft FTP server says "550 filename: Access is denied."

Hope this helps,


Michael Josephson
Monday, October 15, 2001

I neglected to create a directory on my FTP server before I published for the first time.
CityDesk uploaded with no error at but of course there was nothing on my server either.
I hoped the CityDesk would create the dirctory for me.

Terry Kearns
Monday, October 15, 2001

See RFC 959, section 4.2 for the FTP status codes...

(BTW, that site is one of the best for nicely formatted HTML RFCs, as opposed to the TXT RFCs that just waste paper when printed...)

Gary Pupurs
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

CityDesk should create the directory if it has permissions to do so (i.e. if the user account you log in as has permissions to do so).  Another user was also having some problems with FTP and Joel wrote:

"hmm, that's hard to explain. You didn't see any ftp errors?

"That makes me think that there's something funny with your web server, perhaps the directory where you're uploading things is not the one from which the web server is showing files.

"If you ftp the files using another program (like Internet Explorer) to the same location, do they show up on the web site?

"P.S. To ftp files with Internet Explorer, type this in the address bar:


Try that and tell me what happens.

Michael Pryor
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

thanks, Gary, we'll try to handle these with reasonable error messages.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

On CD creating directorys on the server - works just fine, my mistake.  I still didn't get any errors when I made the mistake so I suspect CD published it somewhere.  No problem now.


Terry Kearns
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

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