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Bug: trailing N bytes of HTML duplicated?

I've seen this one twice now:

Whilst previewing my site, I notice that a page is unexpectedly broken. I check out the HTML, and it looks like I've accidentally copied and pasted the last ~1K (I'll measure next time) of HTML to the end of the file. I edit it out, save, preview, and the problem is still there. Load it in the editor... it's back. Trim, save, exit the editor, load in the editor... it's back. Quit CityDesk entirely, reload, trim, save, exit, load... and everything is back to normal.

FWIW, the chunk of content isn't aligned on newlines. Both times I got the back half of a tag as the first part of the duplication.

I'm running on Windows XP with MSIE6 build 2600, if that helps.

Garth Kidd
Monday, December 10, 2001


the problem is we can't repro it in the debugger so its hard to track down.  if you quit and restart citydesk, you'll see that it will then allow you to delete the offending text and when you save it will actually delete it.

So even if you send me the offending .cty file, I won't be able to repro because its a problem with the state of the app, and not the state of the file.

But I'm still trying to figure it out, so any clues or thoughts you have will definitely help...

Michael Pryor
Monday, December 10, 2001

My own thinking on the matter ran into the same wall -- even if I send you the cty file, it won't help you reproduce it.

Excluding the long-shot idea that some magic in the CityDesk shutdown procedure clears out some damage in the database, accessing the cty file from another instance of CityDesk probably won't help, wiping out my chance to scam a free copy of Professional for debugging purposes. :)

Send me a debug build of Home, on the other hand, and next time it happens hopefully (I don't know the VC++ debugger at all well) I can attach my VC++ debugger to it and dump a corefile to send you *with* the .cty file. Would that help?

Garth Kidd
Monday, December 10, 2001

Not really since its mostly written in VB and the problem is either in an OCX or the Jet engine, but either way the debugger would just plop you into the VB runtime which wouldn't be any fun to debug anyway...

Michael Pryor
Monday, December 10, 2001

I installed CityDesk last night on my home machine. I think I’m seeing the same bug.

My home machine is running XP Pro 2600. I have Office XP and VS.NET RC1 installed.

Here’s what I was doing:

I Created a CSS file in VS.NET RC1. I imported that file into CityDesk. Then I went back and forth between CityDesk and VS.NET. I made changes to the file in VS.NET. Then I copied the modified portions and pasted them into CityDesk. I saved the file manually then immediately closed the CityDesk editor. CityDesk prompted me to save the file.

When I open the file back up it has appended “garbage” to the end of the file. The “garbage” looks like the end of the file as of the previous save. I think this only happens when I reduce the size of the file. But I’m not able to test that right now.

I can’t reproduce the problem on my laptop. My laptop is running XP Pro 2600 with Office XP installed. It *does not* have any version of VS.NET installed.

Maybe the version of ADO that VS.NET installed has a bug in it?

Matt Griffith
Thursday, December 13, 2001

I don't have VS.Net, but do have Office XP.

Garth Kidd
Thursday, December 13, 2001

I'm seeing that same problem. Delete some text in HTML view, save and close, reopen, and the text I deleted is REPEATED, appended to the end of the file.

If I close CD and re-open, it does solve the problem, it's just annoying. It must be a bug.

Debra Weiss
Wednesday, December 26, 2001

I have seen a similar problem with XML files that are part of the site. That is pieces of trash XML appear at the end of the file.

Dan Sullivan
Tuesday, January 8, 2002

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