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Can I separate design from content?

The database containing the site seems to contain *everything* about a site, including templates.

What I'd love to do is to share designs between websites ... for example, if a friend has a great CityDesk design, he should be able to send me the design without the content.

In order to help uptake of CityDesk, I think you're going to need to publish many more templates ... it's an easy thing for you to do, while being a huge benefit to many users.

Is that possible?

Alan Armstrong
Sunday, December 9, 2001

Your friend could just copy the CTY file, delete all the articles, and send it to you.

The main reason we haven't focused on templates yet is that we've found that most people don't want a web site that looks like everybody else's website. The nicer the template is, the more obvious it is when you use it unmodified.

And we're not the greatest template designers :) and so we're hoping a third-party market develops for CityDesk templates. It would not be hard at  all to import a template you got from somewhere else into CityDesk.

Joel Spolsky
Sunday, December 9, 2001

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