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Licencing and versions

It might be too early to suggest this, but I'm going to anyway. I would like to suggest removing the 500 document limit from the home version.

It's certainly OK to have such a limit for the free version, no problems there. But I have problems with a product that might "stop working" at some point in the future. The pro version already has the multi-user support and that strikes me as the "real" feature people are paying for, so the document limit on the home version strikes me as somewhat arbitrary and limiting.

I think I'll end up with the home version of CityDesk in the near future. But the document limit is a factor. I don't imagine I'm alone in being concerned about this.

Have you considered other ways to differentiate the two versions further?

Maury Markowitz
Saturday, December 8, 2001

I agree with this. I understand the need to encourage professional users to buy the professional version, but I also feel leery about that 500-item limit. (In fact, I've even thought of suggesting that the number of items used in a site be displayed in the main window.)

Michael O'Henly
Saturday, December 8, 2001

This is the only reason I've held off on buying the Home version (for my personal use, not work). I like to stick lots of little pictures in my articles, and if I understand correctly, each picture counts toward the 500 item limit. I don't want to hit that limit and then have to fork out another $300 just to be able to add more articles.

I'd rather the Home version left out multi-language support instead.

Darren Collins
Sunday, December 9, 2001

I'm happy to lose languages if I get more articles. I could kludge a weblog out of CityDesk quite nicely, but even using only an article per day a prolific blogger would kill the Home product in less than two years. I'd prefer to use an article per entry, killing the Home product very quickly indeed.

Perhaps: you only get to do language *or* more than 500 items?

Garth Kidd
Sunday, December 9, 2001

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