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Properties Tab - Language Problems

I cannod enter Russian text on the Properties Tab (Article Editing screen).
I have no problem with this on "Article" and "Extras" pages, bug "Properties" page shows Western European symbold if I type Russian in the Headline.
Everything else is working Ok - meaning even though I can't see the russian text I typed correctly, in Preview it look Ok.

Roman Eremin
Friday, December 7, 2001

Hmm. This version of CityDesk wasn't really tested with non-Latin1 (western european) alphabets and we still have some bugs. (I'm kind of surprised Russian works anywhere!) While you're waiting for our International release, can you use a different field like Extra1 for the headline?

Joel Spolsky
Friday, December 7, 2001

Yes, thanks for the hint.

Roman Eremin
Saturday, December 8, 2001

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