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IS CityDesk right for me?

Hi Fog Creek,

I have been watching with interest for the release of CD ever since the article appeared down here in Sydney.  Quick question:
Is CD right for what I want to do?...

More Info:
I have a number of clients who are sick of paying (others) for web updates on their own webpages, particularly when they think they should be doing it themselves.

As their designated problem solver, from coffee stains to networks, they have come to me to see if I can give them a solution that firstly, delivers a working web site, with their own design spec's, that is doesn't look generic, and secondly allows them to update things like their own newsletter, or front page info, without having to think about it more than they think about cutting their toenails on a lazy Winter Sunday.

Seriously, my question is also more generic.  I have looked at Dreamweaver UltraDev, and have looked at Cold Fusion, I even used DrumBeat 2000 for the year that it existed, all in the search for an easy solution that would allow the design component to be separated from the update component.  And, importantly, I don't want the updaters to be able to muck up the overall design just by updating the content.  All these were Ok, but the overheads were horrendous it getting it right, and we had problems with layout., blah blah, you name it, the end-result was too complex to leave my client to it without extensive specialised training.

Is City Desk my answer/saviour/solution?  Or am I trying to make a prodcut designed for other applications do something it is not designed for.

Many thanks, and I am trying to get a Starter Ed off the site but I think you are too busy so I'll keep trying and test it myself too.


Christopher Reichert
Wednesday, December 5, 2001

In my opinion the answer is yes.  You can find some of the CityDesk sites built during the Beta here:

As far a ordinary folks updating it themselves: I think you can teach them how and teach the more apt ones in a hurry.  They may be afraid at first.  In fact I'm going to introduce CityDesk to a client tonight.  I don't think they'll bite, but I think it will begin to demystify web publishing for them.

They can make mistakes that could screw up the site but I think the risk is low.  If they do mess up the site, they can email you the whole site in one file, you can fix it, send it back to them and they are back in business.

You might consider this.  If you maintain a site for someone else, you may be able to update the site faster with CityDesk.  That means you can charge less for updates.

Terry Kearns
Wednesday, December 5, 2001

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