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This may be just me not thinking through it all on a Saturday morning when I was out late, but here is the issue.

Trying to setup a Real Estate site that caters to different types of visitors. I love the audience capability, but it is only one level capable. In other words when people get to the home page we want them to tell follow a path inthe site based upon their specific needs. Are they a Buyer, A Seller, or just seeking Information on real estate, mortgages, the area, etc.

The key is that we want to break it down further. Some Buyers are veterans and just want to know what the agent will do for them in terms of marketing, tips for improving their home, etc. There will also be First Time Buyers and we want them to have specific articles that step them through the process of buying a house, but they also should have access to all Buyer related articles and the rest of the Information on the site.

So, we see a couple of options, but are not sure conceptually which will be best for long run management of the site.

1. Use folders to separate the content.
2. Use audience and then keywords to pull in "other" related content. So audience is Buyers and then keyword First Time or vice versa and have audience be First Time and the Buyers be a keyword.

We are building the site with a static horizontal menu at the top (Buyers, Sellers, First Time Buyers, Mortgage Info) and then in each area using a loop to create a vertical menu for each section (First Time - Buying a House, Getting A Mortgage, What can You Afford?).

Too complicate things further we are also want to have a variable that loads a header graphic in each article based on the content (Buyer, First Time Buyer, etc.) so the user knows where they are.

The question is as developers and users what technique would you use to best organize the sites content and structure.

Feel free to query with more questions if this is not clear and thanks.

Jerry Lawrence
Saturday, December 1, 2001

Thought about this some more and here is where I am for our issue.  I think that if I delete all audience categories and just use everyone and then use keywords to define articles and then by extension use template families that only pull in keyword associations in the template family menus, then I think I have a solution. Thoughts?

Jerry Lawrence
Saturday, December 1, 2001

The advantage of Keywords over Audiences is that if you use keywords, a single article can show up in multiple places. In your situation that is ideal: you don't want to actually hide articles, but simply provide targetted lists of articles in different places.

Joel Spolsky
Saturday, December 1, 2001

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