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Just a reminder that the icons in the main window of CityDesk are still painting poorly on Windows XP (don't know if that was something supposed to be fixed in Beta 5 or not...)

Brad Wilson
Wednesday, November 28, 2001

We'll have a look

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, November 28, 2001

This is weird. On Win XP here in the office those icons look fine. But I know you're not hallucinating, since you sent us screen shots.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Here's my system stats, in case it means anything.

Athlon 1200/100, 768MB, running XP Pro OEM release and the XP Plus Pack. Video is a GeForce 2 MX 200 w/ 32MB, running at 1024x768x32-bit against an LCD monitor. All the drivers on the system are the ones that shipped with XP (no OEM drivers).

I have ClearType enabled, normal sized icons, normal sized fonts. I use the "old" style Start menu and Control Panel instead of the XP style. In Performance options, I have quite a few things disabled (I prefer quick UIs over sexy any day), but nothing on that list makes any mention of icons except for drop-shadowing on the desktop icon text (which is enabled).

The box has a variety of dev software installed (full installs of VS Enterprise 6.0 and Enterprise Beta 2), a full install Office 2000 Premium CD 1 (all the main applications, in other words), SQL 2000 Developer, and all the major browsers (IE 6, NS 6.2, Mozilla 0.9.4, Opera 6 beta).

Otherwise, there's not really much else of consequence on it. Beats me why it's unhappy...

Brad Wilson
Thursday, November 29, 2001

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