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If you have a GeoCities account, please help!

Apparently GeoCities is acting strange with CityDesk as a publish location.

If you have a GeoCities account, can you try using CityDesk to publish a site there and let me know if you have any problems?

I also need to know if you've ever uploaded anything to the ftp server before.

I believe that if you haven't uploaded anything to GeoCities ever, then when you first connect, CityDesk will fail.  This is because we request (GET citydesk.xml) a file that normally isn't there (which is ok, we just continue on without it being there) but the GeoCities FTP server seems to think that if you do a  GET for a file that isn't there, then it closes the FTP connection on you.

It works with any FTP client actually.  Get a blank GeoCities account, ftp to it, type GET garbage.html, then type DIR and notice that the connection is gone.

I was able to reproduce this problem this morning but now after some tinkering I can't, even with other accounts.  I'm still waiting for a new GeoCities account I created to actually allow ftp'ing (there is a time delay I think).

Any help or info would be appreciated...

Michael Pryor
Wednesday, November 28, 2001

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