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What is a page?

I've been following the progress of CityDesk with some interest.  Now that it is released I'd like to try it out, but what is the definition of a "page"?  If I use it like Blogger/Manila and simply add news onto the top of a single HTML file does this mean I am only using 1 page or is each item considered a page? 

I'm just trying to figure out the pricing strategy.

Jamie Lawrence
Wednesday, November 28, 2001


In the typical "blog" setup, each day is usually one article.  So in the typical case, yes, each item would be considered a page.

Of course, you can download the free version, set your site up, and include as many pages as you want.  You just won't be able to publish the site until you upgrade to the Home Edition.  But you can publish any site with less than 50 pages using the Starter Edition to see how it works though!

Michael Pryor
Wednesday, November 28, 2001

On the "Three versions" section it says the Home version is 50 "files" ... just want to clarify if it's 50 files or 50 pages (or 500 etc).

Chris Shieh
Thursday, December 6, 2001

When we go to publish, we count all files and articles. (Files include anything you see in the main window that's not a folder or article, including pictures, CSS files, whatever you stick in there). If the number exceeds the limit for your version we warn you and refuse to publish.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, December 6, 2001

So this means that if I use it as a journal style blog I can make about an entry a day for a year and a half and thats it, I will exceed 500 pages and It will refuse to publish. So no archive more than about a year.  Doesn't seem reasonable to me.  Programs like Cute Site Builder have not limit's on number of linked pages.  Maybe it's not a serious problem but for $79.00 vs $50.00 for the other although I like a lot about your program I'm leaning towards the other or just use something like greymatter or a standard blog.

Norman Jenson
Wednesday, January 9, 2002

I strongly agree with Norman. Although I'm much impressed by the free version, I've been debating whether to commit to the product and pay $79 because of the 500 files-versus-pages issue. The site I'm developing will have one or two illustrations per page, which means that I'll be limited to 166-250 pages. Suddenly, CityScape isn't such a good deal.

C'mon, guys ... you'll sell a heckuva lot more of the home version if you switch to 500 page max. In fact, I'll buy it immediately. In the meantime, I'm still shopping around.

Michael C. Matti
Friday, July 12, 2002

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