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Tutorial Comments

Just a few comments about the tutorial.


Tutorial lesson 1
- line that reads 'Select File >> New >> Site' should read 'Select File >> New Site'

- in lesson 2 there is a line at the bottom that reads 'In the next lesson, we'll add another article.' it would be nice to have something similar on the first page too - and every other page in the tutorial.  It would give the tutorial a feeling of flow and continuity.

Main Screen

- I like the icons but they are about 2 times too large, smaller buttons are neater and don't use up as much space on my screen.  Real estate is important to me.

Tutorial lesson 2

- line that reads 'In the main window, click on the Preview tool on the toolbar' should read 'In the main window, click on the Preview icon on the toolbar'.  Technically you don't click on a tool to start it, it should either be referred to as a button or icon (preferred in this case as the button paradign is not followed completely).

- it is nice that the 'preview with' button appears on the 'Publish' tool, however on my machine the word done came up a couple of seconds before the button changed.  This meant two things, first it makes me unsure of when the operation is finished and I can safely go on to the next step, and secondly as it did not immediately change (it took 1-2 sec) when I saw the word 'done' appear I looked away from the dialog to see if there was something else that I was missing and missed the change the first time I hit the publish button.

- the 'Internet Explorer' button has a drop down list asociated with it, in this I would expect their to be a list of the currently installed browsers on my machine automatically - Netscape is also on my machine.

Tutorial lesson 3

- the sections:
    "Select File » New » Article or click on the New Article tool.
    A new article will appear. Since the Articles folder was selected, that's where it will go."
  are written as one paragraph but presented as two, leading to awkward presentation. 

Michael Chester
Monday, November 19, 2001

Great, thanks for the comments.

Re: the large icons in the toolbar of the main window, select "View->Toolbars->Small icons" to make them small.

Michael Pryor
Monday, November 19, 2001

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