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Seeing HTML Tags in browser

In the tiny play site I have set up (only locally), I tried cutting and pasting the help code that will walk all the articles and build a linkable index.

It seems to have worked but the output is a mess.  The resulting tags are displayed as text with spelled out text, "<a href...", instead of links.

Looking at the source, Citydesk put in entities ("&lt;") rather than characters "<".  And they don't even seem to be balanced!

I am only previewing locally.  Running W2K, IE6.

What's up?

Tim Randolph
Friday, November 16, 2001

If you type "<" in WYSIWYG then you will see a "<" in your web page.  In order to do this, HTML uses &lt; to mean "<" instead of meaning the beginning of an HTML tag.

This is the same as in FrontPage or Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG app.  Apparently you wanted to paste the text into the HTML Source view where you can actually write HTML tags.

Try deleting the text, choosing "View->HTML Source" and then pasting your text.

Michael Pryor
Friday, November 16, 2001

This of course makes a great deal of sense.

I think the reason it was hard for me to decipher was that *some* code (the script) executed and other code (the HTML) was treated as a literal.

In this case the HTML was actually embedded in the loop body and script was embedded in the HTML, so the modality of the WYSIWYG was invisible to me.

I have no idea if this is a quirk in my brain or might be more general, but a note in the scripting section of the help file might have helped. 


Tim Randolph
Monday, November 19, 2001

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