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My comments after an hour of playing around

"Send Feedback" doesn't work for me at work (firewall issue?) - get parsing error. From home over Compuserve, works fine.
The "Preview" window repositions itself in the center of the screen every time you do a preview - I prefer to keep it in the lower right but it always pops back to the center - very annoying.
Why can't I "paste" an image into an article? Or, at least when I do an "Insert image", have an option to paste it.
An article's title should default to the title of the Article assigned in the tree view rather than be blank.
How do you change the properties of an inserted image once you've exited the "Insert Picture" dialog?

Bill Wood
Monday, November 12, 2001

Can you send me a screenshot of your parsing error when trying to send feedback?

(Did your install work correctly?)

Also, if you change the name of a new article, before opening it, the headline of the article *will* change.  So for instance, create a new article, rename it and the headline is now whatever you named it.

Michael Pryor
Monday, November 12, 2001

I'm not at work now so I can't reproduce the error but I'll bet you're using a port besides port 80 to send the feedback to your server.  Most corporate firewalls will stop this sort of traffic.

I tried creating a new article and changed the name several times but the headline is always blank.  Would be nice if the headline defaulted to the articel name in the tree view.

Bill Wood
Monday, November 12, 2001

Please send me a screenshot when you do get to work... (unfortunately the diagnosis isn't so quick and easy since we *are* using port 80).

Also, the headline name does change if you change the name of the article.
If it is not changing in your copy, then it is a bug, but PLEASE just follow these steps below so I know its not just a miscommunication..

1. Start CityDesk.
2. Open any site.
3. Press Ctrl-N.  A new article with the name "New Article" will appear, and it will be in edit mode so you can rename it.
4. Rename the article to "Testing"
5. Press return to open the article.
6. Switch to the properties pane.
7. Verify whether or not the Headline field says "Testing".

If the exact steps above do not result in a headline that says "Testing" then I will need more info from you, but it is highly unlikely that this isn't working, so please just make sure we're both talking about the same set of steps.

Michael Pryor
Monday, November 12, 2001

What you suggest works in one of my sites but not in the other.  I could send you the site it doesn't work in if you like.

Another problem:  I edited a template ("Simple") using Frontpage.  When I go to another site and edit Simple with Frontpage, the same changes appear even though when I open Simple with the builtin editor they don't appear (as one would expect).

Bill Wood
Monday, November 12, 2001

Michael, I sent you my .CTY file that has the problem with article headlines, and a GIF of the parse error I get when sending feedback.

Bill Wood
Tuesday, November 13, 2001

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