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My third site

I did another site last night.

Our neighborhood association wants a better website and I'm on the committee.  We met for the first time last night.  Even with CityDesk's and my flakiness, I knocked this "white paper" site out so fast I couldn't believe it.  It really impressed the rest of the committee (and it impressed me too).

There's still nothing fancy, just one loop that does two menu items under the logo.  I added a LUSENET forum.  I might have done a variable for the header but I can't think in variables yet.

CityDesk could certainly handle a nieghborhood site with a few folks publishing their stuff in separate directories.  We're moving towards a specialized server package.

Hey, if you are a neighborhood association webmaster, we'd enjoy your comments.

Terry Kearns
Friday, November 9, 2001

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