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Made CD crash by moving around folders

Hey there,

I dont know how usefull this is going to be, but i made city desk crash by moving around folders in the main site view.

Here is what i did, i made a folder called "css" under root folder, i accidently placed it in between 2 of my html templates, so then i decided to move it outta there, and dragged it in the "Articles" folder, right between the middle of some of the articles, and that's when it crashed.

(here's a screen shot before i moved the folder)

Problem is i can't duplicate this error, so i'm not entirely sure what happened.

One last small thing, when i was trying to duplicate this error, moving the "css" folder into the Articles folder once, it renamed the folder to "css_2", but only once.

Hope you guys can make some sense outta that.

Justin Tanner
Monday, November 5, 2001

Hey it's me again, i found out how to recreate the bug i was talking about in the previous message,
( on my computer ) to crash cd every time,

1) get into "Design Mode"
2) put a folder called "css" in root directory
3) click on "New Site" button on the toolbar, press Cancel
4) drag css folder into the "Articles" folder, then drag back
5) crash


Justin Tanner
Monday, November 5, 2001

I hate bugs like these because they are impossible to debug.  (Not your fault obviously...)

Anyway, if the crash was that it just winked out, poof, citydesk closed, then I think I know what did it, and so I've fixed it.  (Although, since I can't reliably repro any of these problems, I can't be sure).

It didn't GPF did it?  If it did, do you remember any of the stuff it said (MSCOMCTL stuff maybe)?  more likely you got the amazing disappearing citydesk error...

Michael Pryor
Monday, November 5, 2001

I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a General Production Fault in win2k, but this is the error i got

Program Error
citydesk.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows
You will need to restart the program.

An error log is being created.

then bam, gonzo.

i didnt' get anything about MSCOMCTL, or anything like that.

Justin Tanner
Monday, November 5, 2001

You must have posted your message right as I posted mine.

Thank you so much for posting the repro case.  This bug is affecting us in all kinds of crappy crashes and I couldn't consistently repro, but with the case you gave me I can!

Excellent.  I'm on it...

Michael Pryor
Tuesday, November 6, 2001

This sounds just like my crash when I deleted the orginal "index.html" and attemped to rename another html file "index.html"

Terry Kearns
Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Yep, it most likely is the same thing.
In fact if it crashes doing anything with the main window (deleting, renaming, drag and drop, etc)... its probably because of this bug.

Michael Pryor
Tuesday, November 6, 2001

i just upgraded to beta3, and this problem is now fixed ( or i can't crash it ),

that was was fast:)

Justin Tanner
Friday, November 9, 2001

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