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My silver bullet?

As an amateur, using CityDesk has stretched my thinking about the ideal web-publishing tools for non-technical communities.  I'm enjoying CityDesk and expect it to be even better when it's ultimately launched.

What would make CityDesk nearly perfect for me would be a way to manage forums, email alerts, and mailing lists from within the CityDesk environment:  When I publish a new article, lets say, the new weekly calendar, I'd like to email it automatically to my online community.  Or, to have CityDesk ask me if I want to send it.  If you are familiar with the free services, I want to have SPAM and LUSENET as part of the CityDesk package The services don't have to be free though.

So: Imagine that I have used a CityDesk feature to subscribe and pay for a mail and forum service running on the Fog Creek server farm.  Then I create a template with a function that says: "When I publish an article for the first time with this template, send the "teaser" to this mailing list or:
{$ sendmail "teaser" "mailinglist-id" $} and
{$ includelinkto "mailinglist-management-id" $}

On another template, I'd use another function that says "Put the forum on this page" or
{$ includeforumhere "forum-id") $} and
{$ includelinkto "forum-management-id $}

I recognize this would require cash and major programming for the desktop and server and that I might be the only person in the potential market; but there it is.

Terry Kearns
Thursday, October 25, 2001

Had you (Fog Creek) mentioned something about a third-party plug-in architecture, or am I hallucinating?  This feature seems like a prime candidate for it.

Adam Baratz
Tuesday, October 30, 2001

These are good ideas. After 1.0 ships, we'll look for ways to provide the kind of features that requires bits of functionality on the server. Discussion groups and mailing lists are two obvious features!

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, October 30, 2001

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