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About my first CityDesk site

I’m starting to get “it.”  Here is my first CityDesk site ""

It’s a memoir site for a friend’s retired father who is computer-phobic.  I have three goals for the site: To publish his memoirs, to motivate his family to type the memoirs so I can publish them, and finally, to motivate the author to overcome his fear and start surfing.  The third is a long shot but who knows.

I’m not a professional. I quit programming for a living in 1983.  I’ve been knocking around with FrontPage in my spare time for about a year.  “Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing” has been my textbook.

Using CityDesk has been a lot a fun and ideal for this task.  It took a week of my spare time learn enough CD to get it this far.  It will probably take a few days for the next site and most of that will be on design and content.

I use three “article” folders, three templates and three loops: One for each of two memoirs, and one for the main menu. I’m hoping there is another memoir in the works in which case I’ll just add another folder, template, loop and diddle with the index page.

The publishing process is: The family types a chapter, emails it to me, I paste it into an article, and publish.  I think I could turn this over to a family member and have them do it themselves.

My wish list so far:
1. I have Win98 so I’ve had to cut and paste my HTML between FrontPage and CityDesk.  That hasn’t been bad but I’m hoping for some help here.
2. I’d also love to have some keywords or script so that I could have “previous chapter” and “next chapter” links in my articles (chapters).  I would rarely use them but they are appropriate for these memoirs.
3. Finally, I may be wrong, but CD seems to republish the whole site each time I publish.  It may be tricky to avoid that and I haven’t investigated it.  I hope the article URL’s don’t change each time I publish.  It could screw up the search and folks linking to specific articles.

Terry Kearns
Monday, October 22, 2001

Sorry about the above link, I shouldn't have quoted it  try this instead:

Terry Kearns
Monday, October 22, 2001

CityDesk's "fog..." urls with the magic number will never change, even if you rename the article.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, October 24, 2001

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