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CityDesk on a Mac

Has anyone tried using CityDesk on a Mac through Virtual PC.

Tonja Gibson
Sunday, March 24, 2002

Yes - I have tried CD under virtual PC with windows 98. I own an Imac G3-400, with 640MB of memory.

CD works exactly the same that on my wintel (PII - 350 - w95) machine at office, except that through VPC on such a "old and weak" processor, it's awfully slooow - note that virtual pc doesn't handle the graphic card, so in fact the problems come from lack of UI reactivity, slow display, but opening files is very slow too. otherwise, site preview and publish seem to work at a fairly acceptable speed. And it's reliable: no crash experienced since service pack one.

In fact, if there were not these speed concerns, I would have already CD-ize my 2 personal sites. I have limited my CD use to small test sites for the moment.

I strongly recommand to use CD through VPC only if you have a very solid mac configuration, but if the site you manage is small, you can run it on a "low end" VPC-ized mac too.

But I think it will always be better to run CD on its native platform.

related digression: if no similar (good) "desktop CM" software is made for the mac in the next half of year, the mac platform will lose at least one customer ;-)

Vincent Bénard
Monday, March 25, 2002

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