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How reinstalling cured my pain

I blame myself but this may help you.  Over the last few weeks CityDesk seemed to get a little flaky on me.  Reinstalling was the cure.  Here are the flakes.

1. When adding a link, I had to click on the link dialog box three times before it would work.  It did work though.

2. Then CityDesk began asking me to save changes that I never made to articles.  I'd open an article and close it with out changing anything yet CityDesk asked me if I was sure.

3. Suddenly tags like this began to appear in articles:

<P DESIGNTIMESP="20016"><A href="../images/beachside.jpg" DESIGNTIMESP="17466" DESIGNTIMEURL="../images/beachside.jpg"><IMG height=210 alt="Beachside, click picture to enlarge" hspace=4 src="../images/beachside_thumb.jpg" width=280 align=right border=0 DESIGNTIMESP="17467" DESIGNTIMEURL="../images/beachside.jpg"></A>

I thought I got them from importing a page but I think they just appeared from CityDesk even in sites I didn't import. What's this "DESIGNTIME" stuff?

6. Yesterday was the coup de grace.  I couldn't FTP anymore - it failed on all my site and all my hosts. "Could resolve host name or address," CuteFTP worked fine.  When I tried to send CityDesk feedback, I couldn't make a connection.  I had installed some IE 5.5 security updates before I got the FTP problems.

I reinstalled.  The "DESIGNTIME" stuff is still in some of my articles but no new ones have appeared.  Everything else is working fine again.  Life is better now.  Maybe this will help you.

By they way does anyone know how I might rid my HTML of the "DESIGNTIME" tags?

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

we remove out any DESIGNTIME tags when you switch from HTML view to Normal View or when you save an article in WYSIWYG mode.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Since reinstall I don't see the DESIGNTIME tags after I open the article: But, I opened one of the offending articles in HTML, the DESIGNTIME tags are there, I switched to normal view, then back to HTML view: DESIGNTIME tags are gone.

Here is an example of CityDesk publishing the DESIGNTIME tags.  View source on this one:

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Per previous message and Forum posting.  After reinstalling last night and successfully publishing on two sites last night, today I can't FTP any more.  "Can't find host name or address"  I used "Add/remove programs" to remove CityDesk, Reinstalled and rebooted.  I still can't FTP.

I can't send CityDesk feedback either:

Here is the message from the CityDesk feedback window, "Unfortunately we were unable to transfer your feedback: BugzScout could not locate the server"

Maybe it was those damn IE 5.5 patches.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Lemme study the DESIGNTIMESP stuff. We might not be stripping them out of every possible tag. I thought we were.

Believe it or not, there is a function provided by Microsoft that is supposed to remove DESIGNTIMESP's. This function occasionally has the bad side effect of mangling HTML pretty badly, so we can't call it, we have to remove DESIGNTIMESP's ourselves. (What are they? Beats me. Something the DHTML Editor puts in to amuse itself while it mangles your HTML.)

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, February 27, 2002

in conclusion, I think the designtimeSP's snuck in while you were using one of the betas that didn't strip them. Izzit possible?

Joel Spolsky
Friday, March 1, 2002

They snuck in about two weeks ago long after I quit using the betas and in fact deleted all the beta's.  I  imported a single webpage with 20,000 words and  about 15 100meg jpg's.  When I started chunking it up, I noticed the "designtimes."  Then then the designtimes started appearing in my other, older sites.  It was before that that

The 3-click, funky link dialog box behaviour started before that.

Somewhere in the midst of everthing I installed HTML-Kit.

Things are OK now.

Saturday, March 2, 2002

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