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Bug in article editor

Apologies if this has already been mentioned (well, I found no mention of it, but that's no guarantee).

I've got the background of windows set to grey (under windows' display properties), and when I add a new article and put some text in (using Normal View), sometimes it puts the following tags around my text (obviously seen in HTML View):

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #c0c0c0"></FONT>

While strictly speaking it's accurate, it's not the behaviour I'm expecting. The real problem arises when this happens for the teaser - and it doesn't have an HTML View. It's only happened once so far (and miraculously stopped the next time i published).

To be fair, it's only slightly annoying (removing the tags in HTML View stop it happening), but I thought I'd mention it!

John C.
Tuesday, February 12, 2002

I have never been able to reproduce that -- if anyone figures out how to get this bug happening reliably please let us know and we'll fix it.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Typical that, as soon as you say it's difficult to reproduce it magically stops happening altogether. If I ever find a way of reliably reproducing it I'll let you know...

John C.
Thursday, February 14, 2002

I'm at work, but I bet this will probably reproduce it.

Open a new article, which has the background color that is the default for IE. Go into IE. Change the default background color. Go back to your article. If the color is the old color, I bet you'll have the tags there.

It's happened to me on a couple of occasions, but certainly not often enough to recall what brought it on (and it's usually really hard to tell unless you use different browsers with different default background colors).

Brad Wilson
Friday, February 22, 2002

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