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CityDesk Praise

We have a site (internally, sorry, nobody else can see it) that's not too big, but a pain to update. The content owner wanted a printable version as well as a "browser friendly" version, and we did this with server-side includes - the server side include was the body, and we maintained two sets of SHTML files - normal and printable.

He recently sent over a total revamp of his site. It took me a week or so to set it up the first time. I re-created the whole site from scratch, with printable versions and a "print entire site" link off the homepage that had the entire site in a single HTML file (no navigation, etc.). Total time from start to finish? 2 and a half hours. A lot of that time was spent showing off CityDesk to my co-workers.

A site that would've taken me a week to create, and endless hours to update, I re-created in a couple of hours using CityDesk.

Mark W
Friday, February 8, 2002

CityDesk has been particularly great for those fire-ready-aim projects.    Once you get the content in, you can spit out however you like and then change your mind.  There is not a big penalty for just throwing stuff up there.

To me it has a real elegance:  I’m amazed that what at first seems to be a collection of very simple and straight forward parts, takes so much bother out of managing a web site.  I hope that as the product becomes more rich and complex, the simplicity will somehow remain.

Friday, February 8, 2002

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