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Error when publishing my site

Maybe this error has already been reported, but since no Search feature is available...

I'm currently using Beta5 to handle my whole site, ie. I imported all the files that make up my static site, and tried to publish the entire thing to C:\TEMP.

·Script Error: undeclared variable or illegal identifier "capword" in \perl.html
·Script Error: missing a {$next$} statement in \portal.html

=> C:\TEMP remains empty. Is there a way to tell CD to ignore any keyword, and publish data as-is instead?


Frederic Faure
Saturday, February 2, 2002

Found it, well hidden...  :-)

View | File Types: By default, CD will scan any .HTM and .HTML files for keywords. I guess the two files above contained strings that are also used a keywords by CD. Edit those two extensions, and uncheck "Files with this extension may contain CityScript code". Voilà!

Sorry for the interruption


Frederic Faure
Saturday, February 2, 2002

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