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New CityDesk Site with Development Guide

I've been playing Dark Age of Camelot (massive multiplayer online role playing game) for a few months and must recently joined a guild.  We realized we needed a web site for the guild so I volunteered to build it in CityDesk for two reasons:

1.  Once the basic templates are setup, it is far easier to add content with CD than doing it by hand.

2.  I can give the template away to other guilds and maybe drive some revenue for Joel.

I have also created a beginner's guide to building a site with CD.  It's not perfect but it takes the reader through the steps I followed building the site.  There's some methodology, some code, and of course, the complete .cty file for anyone who wants it.  I believe a guild could take the file and create a new site in less than 8 hours.

Here are the links:


Dev Methodology:


Please feedback on this from the perspective of a newbie CD developer.  I'm not trying to be a rocket scientist, just help new developers be productive.  If it is well-received, I will continue to add content as I develop new sites.  If not, no big deal, I didn't do it for you :-p



Kevin Sherwood
Tuesday, January 29, 2002

nice site!

Joel Spolsky
Friday, February 1, 2002

I liked your development methodology; for me it refreshingly new way.

Paul Iliano
Friday, February 8, 2002

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