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Line Numbers

CityDesk errors don't give you line numbers, nor are there line numbers in the editor windows. This makes it difficult to track errors down. Any chance you'll implement this?

I was having a difficult time tracking down an error (I had put all my next statements as {$.next$} and couldn't figure out why it didn't work). I eventually realized what I did, but the error statement was so generic I couldn't figure out if the program stopped at the first error (and didn't list the 2 other {$.next$} errors) or if it was one of the {$.next$}'s that was causing the problem.

Mark W
Monday, January 28, 2002

Amen. Exceptions need to be better documented. CD is basically a toy now, for hobbyists. (Correct me if you had massive corporate sales licensing.) With perhaps some minor version control, and better exception handling, it could be ripe for the corporate market.

Monday, January 28, 2002

Actually, I was speaking as a corporate guy. I've been evaluating CityDesk in my spare time for a very much under-funded Intranet in a very large corporation, which shall go un-named. We've also been looking at some other packages, but there seems to be very little out there that matches our criteria.

Beaurocracy (I can't even spell it much less abide by it) being what it is, it's sometimes small apps like this that let us slip under the radar, and actually get things done. It seems that projects either cost next to nothing (CityDesk falls into this category), or hundreds of thousands of dollars (Vignette falls into this category) and there's very little in between.

There's no point in sticking a server out there with Manila or Coranto because with corporate policy being what it is, the server and hosting (with backups, multiple locations, failovers, etc.) doesn't justify a low end product.

So here I am evaluating CityDesk, and very much liking what I see. Now if there were only a way to get multiple people on it through a web GUI rather than install/file sharing.

Mark W
Monday, January 28, 2002

Fly low Mark.

I've found there are always lot of potential contributors, I should say folks that you wish would contribute. but few who actually will.

I just helped a non-profit.  I came in just after they had been offered a web-based CMS for almost free.  It is a nice system and they thought they could get everyone to use it.  So did I for about 15 minutes.  I could spend an hour each training the 10 or so monthly contributors.  By the next month, nearly all will have forgotten how to do it.  In our case, it's just better for contributors to email their stuff to the webmaster.  CityDesk makes it easy enough to publish their stuff.

At any rate you can fly low until it proves itself.

Monday, January 28, 2002

The great thing about CityDesk is since it isn't server based, it allows us to add documents and articles to the existing infrastructure _without_ installation on the ulta-tightly controlled production servers. It also allows non-technical users to add content easily.

Those are basically our two requirements, a third "nice to have" is to not have to install a client and just access it through a browser for minor updates (this way we could install it on our Dev server and have CityDesk FTP to the production server), but I guess it's all about trade-offs.

Mark W
Monday, January 28, 2002

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