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Publishing bug...but with a solution

First off I want to say nice work FogCreek!

I was redoing my site with CD (starter) and ended up gumming things up a bit.  I had posted my first go around and one of the articles had the filename FOG0010.HTML (shortened for this post).  Later on down the road I scrapped my test site and decided to go live.  I reposted and life was good.

After going through some of my logs I found a missing link referring to FOG0010.HTML from google.  I didn't want to loose the google reference and decided to put in a message about a redirect.  At the time I didn't notice that the files were on two different paths. 

To add the redirect I added a new file in CD called FOG0010.HTML.  DOH!!  That filename was already being generated by CD.  So I removed the file and republished and that's when the bug occured. 

I received a "duplicate node" type of error when publishing.  I began to freak out a little bit and decided to go grab lunch. 

Before bugging somebody else about it I made a few attempts to fix the problem myself.  I removed any duplicate entries in the MDB file but it problem was still there.

What I ended up doing to fix it was removing the FOG0010.HTML entries in the citydesk.xml file on the web server. 

Just though I would share that.


Richard Caetano

Richard Caetano
Thursday, January 24, 2002

Thanks for letting us know -- it is a bug.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, January 25, 2002

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