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Can I have two or more article directories?

In my beta I will publish two memoirs - essentially two books that I will publish chapter by chapter.  I hope there will be more books in the future.  CityDesk seems ideal for the task.

I see how I could manage multiple books via "keyword_contains" clauses. But it might be more manageable for me if I could have a separate article directory for each book.

Do-able?  Any suggestions?

Terry Kearns
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

You could make two folders, one for each book.

Then again, why not just make two sites (two .cty files).  They can both publish to the same ftp server (not the same top level directory though).  Make two dirs on your FTP server - "BookA" and "BookB"
and just publish each site to each folder.

Michael Pryor
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Thanks Michael,

Right after I posed the question, I firgured it out: I added a new folder for one of the books named, "Shaggy" and used this to select from Shaggy:
{$ foreach x in (folder "Shaggy") SortAscendBy .fileddate $}

I can create a folder for each book and use the folder variable to manage the books separately.

Here it is so far:
Now I just need to get the typists busy.

Cool, Joel.

Terry Kearns
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

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