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Add a discussion forum to your CityDesk site

I put together a demo CityDesk project that implements a discussion forum. It requires that your website support Active Server Pages (ASP), and supports both MSAccess and SQL Server to store the comment posts (installation instructions are included).

While this is a fully functional demo, I didn't spend oodles of time making it rock solid (though it works well), and the ASP code could stand to be cleaned up a bit. Also, since each page requires a database request (to get the comment posts), don't expect to start your own based on it. It can support a decent number of users, though (more using the SQL Server version than the MSAccess version). The primary function of this project is to demonstrate how CityDesk can be integrated with other web development technologies to provide a complete system. That said, the URL to download the code is:

Please email me by clicking my name below, or at (, before you download the code, so that I can keep track of who is using it.

This code is free software, and may be distributed or modified as desired. Enjoy!

Jonathan Goodyear (aka angryCoder)
Thursday, January 17, 2002

I forgot to mention that by "discussion forum", I mean that people can post comments to each article. It does not support an open forum where people can start their own threads...From my experience (at, I have found the former to be much more effective on eZine sites.

Jonathan Goodyear (aka angryCoder)
Thursday, January 17, 2002

Thanks Jonathan,

Joel and Michael,  The asp files such s "post_comment.asp" do the view-switch-wipeout for me.  Open in HTML view, switch to normal and the HTML is gone.  Open in normal view - the HTML is gone.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

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