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Extra </HTML> Junk at the end of file

I forget if I posted that we've figured out this bug or not.

Well, we have! Hurray!

If you care about the technical details (which, I apologize, are not that easy to understand), then read below.  If you don't care then just know that if you see this problem, restart CityDesk.  It will definitely be fixed in SP1.

The bug is a result of the file not being deleted before its rewritten on disk and it only affects non-article files.  It appears if you make a file shorter (by deleting some text) after publishing the file or editing with an external editor.

The sequence to repro the bug is somewhat difficult and the workaround is just to restart CityDesk and the problem will go away.

Anyway, here are the two situations in which it creeps up:

1. If you open a citydesk site, publish (or preview) the site, and then edit a file and make the file length shorter than it previously was (by deleting characters) inside CityDesk (not with an external editor) and then publish (or preview), the published (or previewed) file will have extra junk at the end.  This does NOT affect the file inside of citydesk - only the file out on disk that you are looking at with your web browser.  If you open the file inside of citydesk, you will not see the extra junk, but when previewing in the web browser you will.  The solution is simply to restart citydesk and publish again.

2. If you edit a file with an external editor, and then edit the file with the citydesk built in editor and make the file shorter, then close the file and open it you will see the extra junk in the file, and every time you try to delete it and save it, it will reappear.  The solution is to restart CityDesk. 

Michael H. Pryor
Wednesday, January 16, 2002

I have a friend that uses FrontPage (on Win 2000) to author his web site and periodically ends up with extra stuff at the end of his web pages after he FTPs to the server. Just wondering, is this a general Windows file problem rather than just a specific CityDesk problem?

Leos Kral
Wednesday, January 16, 2002

This problem is specifically a CityDesk problem, but its quite possible that other programs have run into the same problem.

Michael H. Pryor
Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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