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Darn, won't run on Win95?

Ok, Ok, I'm giggling in my beard. I've been pushing text through this P120 and waiting for a 6 year old hard drive to die before uprgrading to Win98. It runs like a little truck! I did slip in a '98 beta trick a couple of years ago to achieve gradient colored titlebars, but that ain't enough, eh? So I'll have to install on the sporty P3 in the other room that the kids use for their games...ahhh, they're all asleep when I want to play anyways but if age is just a number then what's a millenium?...well, shucks...well, what year is this anyways?

Ray Lutz
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Correct, we don't run on Win 95. I apologize for not making the system requirements clearer -- usually we explain that stuff on our web site or on the side of the box, neither of which we have yet! We're using too many features that require Win 98 or later... even our help file is in HtmlHelp format so you wouldn't be able to see the help on Win 95.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, October 18, 2001

You might add that after the end of this year, Microsoft is no longer supporting Win95, so it doesn't make much sense for others to do so.

Dave Rothgery
Friday, October 19, 2001

There was a warning that the program hadn't been tested on Win95 (for all the obvious reasons) but it runs great on 98Lite ( Fast and much more responsive than other programs I've gotten around to loading on this new (to my old dog machine anyway) operating system. Will let you know how it goes.

Ray Lutz
Thursday, October 25, 2001

(This thread was posted when we were still in Beta. The final version works fine on Win 95 but make sure you have a recent version (5.01 or later) of Internet Explorer.

Joel Spolsky
Saturday, December 15, 2001

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