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Request for feature

Hello all,
I want to start out with saying great first shipment. I am really impressed with the stability and ease of use.

When writing articles it would be nice to place pictures anywhere in the article and have CD produce the correct html to place it in the same spot when publishing. I currently have to use the space bar, or edit the html code. Not a big deal, but certainly easy enough to do and improves useability for the article writer.

I would also like to request support for creating tables in graphical mode. The table outline would need to be seen so the article writer could tell where he is in the table.

I would like to request greater functionality for designers. I think its safe to say most people when designing are writing most stuff in html view because of the understandable lack of functionality in Normal View (first version and all...). Some examples include:
The ability to use templates on html pages.
  I know this sounds wierd but consider the following. I have a directory structure to split up my site into groups based on content. Since I have no controll over the file names, I use an index.html in each directory. The index.html is really a copy of the main template, except for one graphic. Now because I have a index.html in each directory with only one (the rest of the html is the same) different graphic, I have to have a different template for each directory. If I ever want to change the basic look of the site I need to edit close to 10 html files.
Two things could reduce this. Add support to name the published files, this may allow me to get rid of the index.html files for each sub directory (maybee not, since each sub directory needs a page to layout links to the articles it contains). Add template support for html files. This would allow me to just change the one graphic related to the directory and use the main template for the rest of the HTML. The latter is a bit questionable, but I could see it as desired functionality.

Sorry I stuffed all this into one post, but these are some things I ran up against while checking out your product for our customers.

Again I would like to express my wishes for this product to succeed as there is a complete lack of the software industry to hit that fine line between useability and functionality in the category of publishing for the masses.

Stephen M. Przepiora
Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Thanks for the ideas!

The business of naming articles whatever you want (so that you can do what you want to do with index.html) is something we've heard Loud and Clear from customer feedback and it is currently number 3 on our priority list (after two data corruption bugs we have to fix). I don't like to promise things and then not live up to my promises, but in this case I think I can safely promise that we'll have that by March 1.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Your point about templates for HTML files is important for my site too. 90% of the design of my (non-article) HTML files are the same, but the scripts and 10% of the design change.

The problem is demonstrated in the site template I've posted at:

(There is an HTML page in each directory that is essentially the same, but changes slightly.)

Do others have this problem?


PS: In CityScript, are there ways of accessing the current folder name and the current date? If I could access the current folder name, the problem described here may be solved.

Alan Armstrong
Thursday, January 10, 2002

I have a folder named "Minutes."  Instead of adding an index.html file to the folder I added an ariticle that serves the same purpose with a keyword "archive."  The name of the article is "Minutes archive".

This script in is the "archive" article.  It lists all the articles but excludes the archive article itself:
{$ foreach x in (and(folder "Minutes")(not(keyword_contains "archive"))) $}{$x.headline$}

There is a way to put the date of your latest article in your archive page with something like this:
{$foreach 1 x in (folder "Minutes") SortDescendBy .fileddate $}{$x.filedDate $}{$next$}

If I want my home page to list my folder names then I'd add an archive article in each folder (with the headline = the folder name) and write a script something like this:

{$ foreach x in (keyword_contains "archive") $}{$x.headline$}

I'm not sure if this is what you want but for me it takes the place of your index.html files and allows me to use templates.  (You may have to debug my scripts too.)

Terry Kearns
Thursday, January 10, 2002

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