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Suppressing separate article generation?

I'm experimenting with the Starter Edition and so far I'm very impressed.  But I have a nagging feeling that I'm trying to make CityDesk do something it doesn't want to do, and I wanted to see if I'm right.

Here's the situation. I'm trying to generate a single page, basically a simple weblog, with all of the content inline. I don't want to maintain the articles in separate files. This seems to work fine; I've modified the template for the main page (which I've renamed main.html so I can include it in a frameset with some other stuff) so that it includes the headline and body for each article.

When I publish, the main.html file is generated exactly as I want it, with all of the content inline. But CityDesk also generates a bunch of stand-alone HTML files for the articles, files which are completely unnecessary and are, in fact, not even linked to by anything.

Is there any way I can tell CityDesk not to publish the articles individually, but to generate only the one output file with all the content inline?

Robert Berry
Sunday, January 6, 2002

Not directly. But if you change the template for all those articles to a blank template, at least they'll be 0 bytes long...

For weblogs, I think it's valuable to have "permanent links" to old entries. That way people can link to something you said and the link will point to the right statement forever. Without permanent links, people will link to you and the link will always go to what you're saying today, not what they're commenting on. By putting {$$} in your main page as a permanent link and publishing each article you can accomplish this (this is what I'm doing at Joel on Software )

Joel Spolsky
Sunday, January 6, 2002

I do the same thing on this page:

At first, I just typed new tips right on the page with no script.  Then I decided that if I added key words to each article, I could list the items by category as well.  So I moved each tip into an individual article, added some keywords, and used scripts to list the all the tips on one page, and categorized tips on another page.

Like you I have 50 tiny html article files (about 300 bytes each) with nothing that links to them.  I'm not using the Starter Edition though so I'm not concerned with the page limit.

It's working OK for me but it presents a problem I hadn't though of.  If I notice an error in one of my unlinked tips,  I have a hard time finding the article that contains the tip:  If I open the tip page in CityDesk, all I see is a script.  So, I use the site search to find the right article.

If your article names are dates, you probably don't have the same problem.

If I didn't want a category page, I wouldn't have put the tips into individual articles.  I would have just typed them all into one page.  I may yet add links to the little articles.  That way I can find and edit them via IE.

Sunday, January 6, 2002

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