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Suggestion: stripping comments when publishing

Hi there...

How about a doodad in CityDesk that lets us comment to our heart's content, but strips comments when we post?


Michael O'Henly
Sunday, December 30, 2001

We'll consider it. I assume you don't want us to strip HTML comment, because in some cases (javascript, style sheets) those are actually needed. We could add a comment feature to CityScript.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

I actually did mean HTML comments, but I then I wasn't thinking about the effect that would have on Javascript.

But, yes, a way of commenting in CityScript would be really helpful to me and, I imagine, other non-programmers who need a way of documenting what they're doing.



Michael O'Henly
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

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