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Before I get too far into it, let me be clear that I love CityDesk.  The idea and execution are great, and I really look forward to future enhancements...  Kudos to Joel & company!

I've only done one full-blown site with it so far, but once I got over the learning hump (about 30 minutes [thanks TK!]) it was a breeze.  The site is at

That being said, I have a bunch of observations, suggestions, etc...  A lot of these points have been addressed in other folk's posts, but I'll make 'em again

1. The HTML editor sucks.  It really, really, really needs to have some sort of intelligent or auto-indenting.  Color coding would be nice too.  Switching between Normal and HTML view should not screw up my anal-programmer indenting.

2. Ability to change properties of <IMG> after insertion. 

3. Ability to insert multiple images at once.  OR, at least hot-key to Insert Picture while in the editor window

4. Sometimes I play with a site, make a bunch of changes, decided everything is ugly, and want to quit without saving.  Can't do it - each page is saved independently.  At the very least, make an auto-backup of the CTY file when the app is launched

5. Allow to toggle between relative and absolute paths.  It seems that by default all links are done with relative paths.  If you ever manually move a page outside of CityDesk the link breaks.

6. I hate the fog000* names.  Occasionally I have to make changes to the site without CityDesk, and I have to hunt for which page I want.  On a big site this could be really tedious

7. You should be able to apply templates to everything, not just articles

8. Include some real samples with the distro.  The examples in the help are too small.  2-3 examples of real sites (and the CTY files that go with them) would help a lot. 

9. How about some hard information about when to expect quarterly updates and the next full version?  You've mentioned updates before, but haven't been clear about when.  And how do we sign up to beta-test the next version?

Thanks for a great product, and I really really look forward to seeing the first update posted!


Jason Awbrey
Sunday, December 30, 2001

Thanks for all the suggestions!

We really are taking them into consideration. Based on some of the feedback in this forum we're actually moving up some new "features" originally scheduled for 2.0 into the first 1.0 service pack which is only supposed to be bug fixes.

The current plan is that service packs will be every three months, approximately. That would put the first one on March 1. Our mileage may vary :)

We do not have a planned date yet for the next major release.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

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