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Feature request.

Is it possible to add to "Publish" the ability to "zip" the

ie. On top of "File Copy", it will "zip the final contents into
an archive.

This is extremely useful (in my case) as I do not have FTP
access to the web site. Rather, I go through a form to submit
a zip file and on the server side, it will unzip the file automatically.

LOK Yek Soon
Friday, December 28, 2001

You could probably easily set this up as a post publish action.

When you finish publishing there is a drop down in the bottom right that says "Internet Explorer" but you can pull that menu down and select "Configure Preview" and it will let you add more items to the list... You could add a "Zip Site" to the list.

First make a File Copy publish location and set it to copy to c:\mysite.  Then make a new "configure preview" location and set it up to be

"C:\program files\winzip\winzip.exe" and the parameters to be -a -r c:\mysite

I think that should work but see this page for more info:

Michael Pryor
Friday, December 28, 2001

FYI, for command line stuff it's better to use the WinZip command line add-on than the WinZip GUI itself.  It's more efficient, and (unlike the GUI command-line options) all of the switches are documented.

The add-on's free:

Chris Dunford
Saturday, December 29, 2001

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