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ProductMuse goes CityDesk

Just published my first CityDesk site. I think this is a very promising tool, despite the quirkiness I'm experiencing.

The site is at:
(original site is off the top level domain ... it was a direct port of my original site, but CityDesk automates a lot of manual stuff.)

A few wrinkles:
- Wierdness when copying in from FrontPage. FP is probably to blame (terrible, bloated HTML generation), but nonetheless it was difficult.
- Strange html problems ... City desk won't stop appending extra tags to the end of my files. You can see the results at the bottom of some of my pages.
- It would be good to have variables. All of my sub-folders are the same, except that they list articles from their own folder.

And over and over again, I was crying for a starter site. I can choose colours, but please get me started. I've asked for this before, but Joel thought it wasn't necessary. Lately I read that you're waiting for a 3rd party to generate a library samples.

Regardless of who creates them, I think such a library might be the single activity with the single biggest impact on adoption ... I had to think too much to create my first site, but my second site will be a breeze. Consider all the people who don't spend the time to make their first site ...

Anyway, I think I'm hooked now. Nice tool guys. Really nice.


Alan Armstrong
Thursday, December 27, 2001

Copying from FP to CityDesk works better if you use the HTML pages on each instead of the WYSIWYG pages. That way you can control exactly what gets copied and exactly where it's placed.

I do it all the time, because there are some kinds of things that it's easier to format in FP. The CityDesk WYSIWYG isn't quite as comprehensive yet. (That's version 2...)

Steven C. Den Beste
Thursday, December 27, 2001

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